20+ Sock Monkey Crochet Patterns #sockmoneky
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20+ Sock Monkey Crochet Patterns #sockmoneky

The little one in your life will go bananas for these Sock Monkey Crochet Patterns for amigurumi monkeys, monkey hats, and so much more!

Monkeys are the favorite animal of so many children, and sock monkeys are beloved toys that have existed for decades. Learn how to make a sock monkey and find other adorable monkey crochet patterns in this collection of 20 Sock Monkey Crochet Patterns. Handmade crochet sock monkeys make precious gifts, or you can keep the little cutie for yourself. Make adorable monkeys for the little one in your life using these free crochet patterns for children.

When you think of a crochet sock monkey, you’re probably imagining an amigurumi monkey pattern or a crochet stuffed animal. As much as you’ll love the crochet sock monkeys in this collection, we’ve also rounded up the cutest free crochet monkey hat patterns you ever did see. The only thing cuter than a sweet baby or toddler, afterall, is the same sweet kiddo wearing a monkey hat.

Other than amigurumi and hats, sock monkeys also make charming appliques, cozies, potholders, blankets, and more. The little one in your life will go bananas for these darling monkey crochet patterns!

DID YOU KNOW? Sock monkeys originally started with women using the actual red-heeled socks they wore and turning them into these fun creatures. As the years evolved, people became more creative and started crocheting similar versions.

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