Tea Pot - Indian Basket Green #teapots
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Tea Pot - Indian Basket Green #teapots

Tea Pot - Indian Basket Green | Herend Experts

Herend fine china Tea Pot w. Rose Knob - Herend Indian Basket Green - FV pattern. 1 pc – Tea Pot – vol 8 dl. (27 OZ) 606-0-09 FV - Green This pattern is painted with the famous Indian Basket Green. It is available in 10 different colors: green, purple, orange, blue, yellow, lilac, maroon, turquoise, grey and combination colors. The Indian Basket Green design is available in Tea, Coffee, Espresso and Dinner Sets as well. About the Herend design - Indian Basket   A pattern with Far Eastern origins. One of the most famous admirers of Indian Basket – Fleurs des Indes – was Empress Eugene, wife of Napoleon III. She used this service on the table of Elysee Palace when she gave a reception in honor of Emperor Francis Joseph at the Paris World Exposition of 1867. Since this time it is often called French Basket as well.   Please take note that you can order Indian Basket items in any colors by us. You only need to write us a message, saying that you ordered: which color variant. Of course, we send you the variant you prefer.


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